COVID-19 Information

COVID Information for Employees, Customers and Suppliers

Protecting our employees and the stakeholders associated with our business is our number one priority.

Health and Safety

We are actively monitoring the evolving situation and we have introduced stringent health and safety measures in our sites, including, without limitation:

  • increased cleaning cycles and updated cleaning protocols,
  • provision of appropriate protective materials to all staff in all facilities
  • changes to shift patterns, work station layouts and team meeting/briefing processes to enable and promote social distancing
  • supporting working from home for employees wherever appropriate

Every step of the way we follow the latest applicable governmental and regulatory guidance as a minimum in every country in which we operate.

Supporting our Customers

We perform essential services to meet national security commitments of both the US and UK governments and military forces, as well as providing essential materials for transportation and industrial based sectors.  We remain in close and regular contact with our customers and continue to support them during these unprecedented times. By doing so, we aim to maintain business continuity around the world: to keep our people safe, to continue to support thousands of jobs, and to deliver for our world-leading customers today and into the future.

Specific UK Government Guidance

To support manufacturers work safely during the pandemic, the United Kingdom government published COVID-secure guidelines which we are ensuring that we apply in full to operations in our business units in Newton Abbot, Motherwell and Burnley. See the guidance here. This is also accessible via the local business unit Intranet complete with COVID-secure risk assessments developed to show compliance with the safety guidelines.